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Como fazer óleo de louro - 6 passos (com imagens)

How to Make Laurel Oil at Home: Step-By-Step. Laurel oil is one of the most used essential oils in aromatherapy, particularly for its sedative, digestive and diuretic properties.

365 Days to Simplicity: What to do with left over tiles that have been sitting in your basement.....FOREVER!

What to do with leftover tiles that have been sitting in your basement.she also made a very cool picture with the 4 coaster tiles she painted.

Tension Trouble? A bird's nest on top usually means the upper thread tension is too tight; bird's nest on bottom, upper tension too loose.

When a “bird’s nest” of thread appears, the likely culprit is your upper thread tension. If loops appear on the underside of the fabric, the upper thread tension may be too loose. If knots appear on top of the fabric, the upper tension may be too tight.

In love with your Kindle!  Would you like to make something cool for it like one of these Kindle Case DIY Projects?  I am sure that the answer is YES!  So you are going to love the selection in this collection.

Do you have a Kindle? Do you want to make something really cool to protect it and keep it out of harms way? Check out our Kindle Case DIY Projects!

Kindle cover tutorial. Great tutorial! Very thorough

Love the way this one uses FABRIC to hold the Kindle in (rather than elastic). Don't love the way it's soft (and therefore not as protective against accidental blunt object trauma.

I have been meaning to make a Kindle cover for my sister-in-law for months now. But it has taken me a long time to figure out the measuremen...

Diary of a Young Teacher: DIY Owl Kindle Cover Tutorial