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Wall-climbing mountain goats This looks hard. Hinds Deer or mountain goats. It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect. He maketh my feet like HINDS' feet, and setteth me upon my high places.


Doggie Language Artist, animator and dog lover Lili Chin has illustrated Doggie Drawings, a series of cute dog-related posters and commissioned portraits c

Heart made with birds in the sky how cool is this I love it

"Corvallis, OR the Heart of the Valley. Marys Peak in the background. Love is in the air." Spadoni Spadoni Spadoni Hadley amazing romantic valentines day heart picture created by a flock of starlings in the from nature

Nada mais desagradável do que ver nosso animal de estimação infestado de pulgas e carrapatos.Esses bichinhos parasitas se alimentam de sangue.Parece horrível?E é mesmo!Eles provocam:- Fortes coceiras- Febre

Como eliminar pulgas e carrapatos do seu animal de estimação com bicarbonato de sódio

O coração nunca adormece, basta um um abraço e ele já se acende, se alerta e desperta. Ah, o abraço... Esse pequeno laço que cabe o nosso mundo, esse gesto mágico que dissolve dores. Quando tudo parece desabar, dentro de um abraço, é o melhor lugar para estar. Rosi Coelho***

Heartwarming Dog Portraits by Polish photographer,Alicja Zmyslowska. A pet photographer that takes incredibly vibrant and lively portraits of dogs for a living.


The European Peacock (Inachis io), more commonly known simply as the Peacock butterfly, is a colorful butterfly, found in Europe and temperate Asia as far east as Japan.


Cachorrinhos Abandonados Não Param De Se Abraçar Desde Que Foram Resgatados

Stray Puppies Won't Stop Hugging Each Other Since They Were Rescued - can see the fear in the eyes, and the emotional comfort the light brown one gets from his hugging the little one

25 Benefits to Loving a Dog

Doggie Truth: I will love you forever. They give unconditional love. Even humans that are abusive to them get unconditional love. God bless our critters.

Razão de viver....

"Umbrella" Even just for a fraction of a second, the wings of a whiskered tern look like a protection umbrella for her chicks. Photo Location: Vacaresti area, Bucharest, Romania Photo by Helmut Ignat, National Geographic photo contest.


Our front porch is one of my favorites. I just love this picture of a smiling squirrel. My favorite thing to watch in the yard is squirrels.

Asombrosos trucos de una perrita Yorkshire terrier

Amazing Cute Dog Tricks with Tiny Dog Misa Minnie – You wont believe this little dog’s tricks! Start your day off with a smile.