He looks like a hot Castiel!

I can feel the heat OwO *dies from nosebleed* someone to call an ambulance >.> jk I love that pic of Rin ♡ ω♡ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *dirty thoughts* Anime : Free!

lysandre (amour sucré)

lysandre (amour sucré) - Okay this may not be an anime, it's an online dating game but hell.

docete - Pesquisa Google

Słodki flirt (My candy love) - Ouran style

Chapeuzinho e Lobo Mau by donacirilo

"Yoü taste like whiskey when yoü kiss me awe I'd give anything again to be your babydoll This time I'm not leaving without yoü" You and I - Lady Gaga Pra mim, essa é a músi.

Plik:Lysandre amor doce by Izzy Marks.jpg

Lysandre amor doce by Izzy Marks.jpg

Papa de Lysandro corazon de melon

pai do Lysandre é uma estrela do banjo XD

Primera imagen: Alexy Segunda imagen: Armin Tercera imagen: Castiel Cuarta imagen: Kentin Quinta imagen: Lysandro Sexta imagen: Nathaniel ---Chicos de Corazón de Melón---

but what the hell with Castiel and Lys 😍😍😍 too much beauty

Amour Sucre: Castiel and Rochelle by Matsonya-kun.deviantart.com on @deviantART

My character in the Amour Sucre. Her name is Rochelle. Amour Sucre: Castiel and Rochelle