Vélos vintage.

remember my four year old brother running away on one of these lol


Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. What a sweet picture. They were such a great couple.

Nati Abascal

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine cover "Nati Abascal" / Photo by Richard Avedon / May 1965

Vogue 1941

Vintage Vogue 1941 Woman in Swimsuit with Red Ball Poster Print. I have this poster framed. I love it. So classic

C l a s s y

"Five models wearing fashionable dress suits at a race track betting window, at Roosevelt Raceway". Photographed by Nina Leen for LIFE Magazine, 195

Courrèges revival

Courrèges revival

Lakewood Plaza

Family barbecue in Lakewood Plaza suburban development, Long Beach, California,ca. Architect: Chris Choate with designer Cliff May.

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Vidal Sassoon il padre del caschetto anni è morto stamattina a Los Angeles

Vintage Cameras turned into nightlights.I have so many vintage cameras this would be awesome!