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Incluindo algumas notícias perturbadoras para os Estados Unidos.

A map showing homicide rates around the world. Where are the rates reported to be the highest? Any surprises in what you see?

World of Religion

There’s no escaping religion. It has enormous societal, cultural, political and historical implications. It’s been blamed for wars and praised for bringing people together. But it is practised in s…

Follow this panel in the Pintrest and see photos, news and facts about aircraft of all time. Icons, ideas and incredible designs and prototypes as well. Helicopters and rockets included. Siga este painel no Pintrest e fique por dentro de tudo sobre aviões de todos os tempos. Também protótipos, projetos, idéias e aeronaves ícones da aviação militar e civil. Helicópteros e foguetes também. Notícias. Clique na foto para ir ao site! B-2 Cutaway Illustration

Nuclear-Capable Stealth Bombers Sent To Korea Amid Kim Jong Un's Threats