Hello kitty crochet purse. I'm not that good at following charts but I could try...

Bolsito Hello Kitty a crochet. I would do the kitty in white and the bow, etc in pink Mais

Hello Kitty bag - *Inspiration*

Hello Kitty bag - *Inspiration* It looks pretty easy if you brea it down, 2 large ovals, add ears, sides and bow made in pink and all stitched together in the same pink with a pink strap. You could embroider on the facial features or glue on felt.

Easy to Crochet "Hello Kitty"  Inspired Purse  Video 1

"Hello Kitty" Inspired Little Girls Purse Crochet Childs’ Purse Inspired by “Hello Kitty” Pattern by: Yolanda Soto Lope.