Rosa y turquesa... y la paz de la Naturaleza...

Beautiful pink & purple sunset I always have to end with the ocean!

Projeto “Tipo Essa” transforma letras de músicas em cartazes tipográficos;

Projeto "Tipo Essa" transforma letras de músicas marcantes em cartazes tipográficos

"É preciso amor pra poder pulsar, é preciso a paz pra poder sorrir.

alice in wonderland dark - Pesquisa Google

Your mind twists it. It makes some suicidal and some determined. We want to get over the insecurities and live life but sometimes the monsters kill us inside and out.

Then make it come true!

Dreams go to hell! "I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream." Looking at the stars on a warm summer night is unbelievable!