| Agias Sofias Competition >Panoramic Perspective 2 | Regeneration of the Agias Sofias - Acheiropoeitos axis of Thessaloniki / competition OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS in collaboration with VANDOROS ALEXIOS, participated at this years biggest Greek Architectural Competition of Ideas for the project “Regeneration – Promotion of the Agias Sofias - Acheiropoeitos axis, of the Municipality of Thessaloniki”. -Architectural study: OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS, VANDOROS…

Week The design of landscape should have highly consideration of the surrounding. The landscape design largely depends on the site content.

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Use this layout for public realm with the pictures of park hill arch down the side. Blurring the Infrastructural Realm by Tina Chee, via Behance

Проект «Жилой район в Новогиреево». Город Москва. Автор: Полина Явна, студент 6 группы 4 курса кафедры «ПРОМ»

The project "Residential area Novogireevo". Author: Pauline Yavna student group 6 4 courses of the department "PROM"