Estou igual cego no tiroteio. foi tiro para todo lado, e advinha acertou em mim.

TMBMIL PT 2 is my favourite era. I still sob over these photos [Picture] BTS at Music Special Content at Naver

Meus amores

Hobi is my bias and hes wearing my favorite color so im rlly happy

BIGBANG x anan Magazine Japan (March 2016) {HQ}© auhcesined | WALLPAPER/LOGO REMOVED

BIGBANG announced that they are coming to Hawai'i at the Neal Blaisdell Center.P won't be able to make any appearances, as his schedule does not allow.

Há 4 anos atrás um grupo com 7 grandes estrelas apareceu(12/06). Parabéns meninos vcs merecem!!!❤ Feliz aniversário BTS!!!❤

I'm really Jealous to jungkook tho. I born same year like him too but I'm lazy ass fuck the fuck (omg same I'm so jealous of him)

BTS Happy Stars Shine The Brightest -{ Maybeanothername }🖤×🖤

Eu fico imaginando o quão feliz eles ficam ouvindo isso ❤

BTS Fanchant>>> lol this is basically what I randomly scream around the house all day. No shame. I love BTS so much

Dayuuum army, this one fiiiine fanart

OK I just want to promote him for a minute his music is amazing he is called AugustD,Yoongi,Suga but he is an amazing singer/songwriter