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The Queen Returns.

#RickGrimes  #DarylDixon

"Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon ~ As brothers we will stand ~ The Walking Dead Fan Art" NO Daryl's not Ricks Brother. The brothers are Connor and Murphy from Boondock Saints and THEY will stand as brothers.

Índio Yanomami beijado por um beija-flor.  by Rosa Gauditano  /Ímã Foto Galeria

Enjoying an intimate moment with a humming bird; the culture of the Yanomami people of Brazil and Venezuela reflects the understanding that the fate of humanity is inescapably linked to the fate of the environment [Rosa Gauditorio/UNEP/Uniphoto]

Brazilian Indians

Indigenous girl, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Over half a million Brazilians are indigenous, and millions more have some Amerindian ancestry. In fact, Brazil has the largest number of uncontacted peoples in the world - 67 different tribes.

The Walking Dead

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