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the helmet is made to look like an alien
three knives are sitting next to each other on a white cloth covered tablecloth in a room
a close up of a metal object laying on the ground with chains attached to it
a man with a beard wearing a green and gold cloak over his head is staring at the camera
a woman in a purple dress is standing on the grass with her arms outstretched and hands out
Mother Gothel Cosplay by MorganaCosplay on DeviantArt
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a woman standing in the snow throwing a frisbee into the air with her hands
Anastasia traveling dress by Re-Aska on DeviantArt
a man dressed up as an avatar is holding his hat
Dive into anything
a person holding a watch on top of a piece of leather with other items around it
⚡olvidalo.. si mi Amor olvidalo. Asi sucede.. no te sientas culpable.. no es tu culpa.🌩️
⚡lo Tengo por seguro.. me lo dejaste saber.. enfrente de todos.. no te importo.. vi tu cara de dolor.. cuando viste que yo me di xuenta. Pero se que si no lo hubieses hecho.. tu consiencia.. te hubiera remordido para siempre. Todo tiene su tiempo. Tu SERENA mi Amor.. no te apresures.. es perfecta Mente Bien que veas a tal persona. como en verdad lo es.ya tuviste mucha paxiencia. pero ten paxiencia xontigo misma. Ten paxiencia xonmigo. esperame. ten confianza. pronto mi CIELO. te lo prometo.🌩️