Eu sei quem é de Gravity Falls o mais FOFO!!! Wadlles

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nem sei ... estou perplexa a olhar esta persiosidade

I noticed the window reflecting in my cat's eyes and decided to capture it. A tiny bit of de-saturation on everything besides the eyes (my cat is green though).

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Archery was once views the same as any other form of combat. However, since the war broke out, archery has been largely banned. As an art typically associated with Ghrian Fae elves, the tribes didn't want any association with them.

Caso vocês ainda não saibam, eu, Bianca Banhara, sou conhecida popularmente como Eleanor Albernathy. Não reconhecem pelo nome? Olha a referência: A louca dos gatos! Se vc é CatLover como eu...

Animated Cat iPhone Wallpaper is high definition phone wallpaper. You can make this wallpaper for your iPhone X backgrounds, Tablet, Android or iPad

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Eu amo GATOS!! gato dos olhos azuis e pêlo cinza ... lindos e muito amados como todos os outros! Como não amá-los?

Behind Blue Eyes - Just a point of fact - most of these cat eyes are Photoshopped by morons who don't know what color eye goes with what breed etc. Some are very pretty, just not natural.