MUSTANG SHELBY GT500 1967  A casa de leilões Bonhams Renown mostra um veículo especial, um espectacular MUSTANG SHELBY GT500 1967 ( 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500). Um carro potente e musculoso, está em bom estado e apresenta os primeiros modelos com faróis interiores e com a caixa de marcha de quatro velocidades manual.

Renown auction house Bonhams have listed one special vehicle, a spectacular 1967 Shelby Mustang The iconic muscle car is in pristine condition and features early models inboard headlights and the desirable, and rare, four-speed manual gearbox,

Wolverine Hand X-Ray Picture

But shouldn't the x-ray be able to see through the adamantium? I mean, he does have bone claws under there. Either way: it looks awesome!<--- um his bones were bonded with adamantium (not under it) and you can see metal in an ex ray.