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Emperor Tamarin at ZSL London Zoo by Sophie L. Miller
De Brazza's Monkey | A shot of a young captive De Brazza's monkey, taken at Howletts in Kent.

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This is Qizai, and he is the only brown panda in the world...
Photographer snags shot of yellow penguin | Today's Image | EarthSky


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Albino Koala
nyomblr. Albino raccoon dog
This proud kookaburra. | 29 Breathtakingly Beautiful Albino Animals

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Brandy is a beautiful golden-coloured moon bear who was found clinging to a tree in a large forested area due to be converted to a palm oil plantation. She was rescued in 1999. Brandy is an especially gentle moon bear who surprises and delights visitors, often initially mistaken for a lion as she emerges from the trees in a burst of golden yellow fur. Golden moon bears are an extremely rare genetic colour phase of the moon bear and we are honoured to have Brandy in our care.

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Rare white kiwi Manukura that inspired book and toys dies - BBC News

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17 Rare-Colored Animals That Are Simply Gorgeous - I Can Has Cheezburger?
Pied Ball Python

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Albino Zebra

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Masked Lapwing- spurs clearly visible.  A conspicuous yellow spur on the carpal joint of the wing is used to attack animals on the ground.

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20 Amazing Examples of Owl Camouflage


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Wildlife - Rabbit Ears - title Ol' Big Ears!


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Beautiful eye of the Red-eyed Tree Frog, Belize


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Responsible Daddy the Gharial with Babies - Drone Awards runner-up, Wildlife category. PHOTO: DHRITIMAN MUKHERJE/ ART PHOTO TRAVEL - SIENA
Male Seahorse giving birth. ▪︎ “Hi Pop!” by Jim Wetzel  --  Canadian Founders Natural Science Award


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Gecko & lizard feet


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A bilateral gynandromorphic cardinal has  both male and female characteristics. Bilateral gynandromorphs are quite literally, half male and half female. This has been observed in birds, insects, and crustaceans. http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20150916-these-animals-are-male-on-one-side-and-female-on-the-other
Gynandromorphic cardinal — Male on one side, and female on the other. The red…


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Bad Hair Day
Vulturine Guineafowl #PurelyPoultry
Andean Condor


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Narwhals jockey for position and gently cross tusks as they push for a breath of air . They are diving under the sea ice in an attempt to access the thick schools of polar cod.| Paul Nicklen
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Jackson's chameleon | San Diego Zoo Kids

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Like tigers, Ligers enjoy swimming, and like lions, they are very sociable. The Liger is the hybrid offspring of a male lion (Panthera leo) and a female tiger (Panthera tigris). Notably, ligers typically grow larger than either parent species, unlike tigons. ( <wikipedia.org/wiki/Liger>)
"A Zorse, of course." - photo by Teh-Pandacoon, via deviantART;  "Wild Thing" at Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch in Pilot Point, Texas
Liger, hybrid cross between lion male and tigress


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Handfish from Tasmania. They don't swim. They actully "walk" on the seafloor with thier "hands". Handfish are any anglerfish within the family Brachionichthyidae
Draco (lizard) - Wikipedia


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For pictures of fabulous fowl who look like serial monogamists.


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Saiga ("Socknose") Antelope
naso brevirostris


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Look at this quokka! He’s so damn happy! He won’t kill you. | 21 Photos That Prove Not All Australian Animals Are Trying To Kill You

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Выпь плоска и упряма. Цепки лапы ее и трепещется сердце в узком горла мешке, сказал один античный автор. Это почти все, что вам надо знать о выпи. Или о выпях. Выпи начинают орать в марте-апреле, уверяют справочники. Но я слышу выпь и зимой. Ее вой (крик, стон, хохот, исповедь – кому как нравится) раздается над болотом, ошарашивая случайных свидетелей. Тот, кто слышал выпий ор, запечатлел его в своих барабанных перепонках.


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