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a small brown dog standing on top of snow covered ground in front of a building
Maned Wolf by Wild-Soul on DeviantArt
Maned Wolf. I've always been really interested in maned wolves. I really want to see one in person :)
a small brown fox standing on top of a grass covered field domain is for sale | Buy with
The Maned Wolf, native to South America is actually the only known surviving member of the Chrysocyon genus and is not closely related to any living canid.
an animal that is laying down in the dirt next to a tree with snow on it
what..Wha.. What is that ....LOOK.. what IS THAT!?
a small brown animal walking across a dirt road
Chrysocyon brachyurus, llamado comúnmente aguará guazú (del guaraní aguará guazú, 'zorro grande') o lobo de crin, es un cánido autóctono de las regiones de espesuras y pastizales del Chaco de la Argentina y Paraguay, la llanura beniana en Bolivia, las Pampas del Heath en Perú, así como en la cuenca del los ríos Paraguay y Paraná, en Sudamérica. Es el mayor de los cánidos de América del Sur. Es inofensivo para el hombre y el ganado.
a small brown and black animal walking on rocks
Walking maned wolf by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr.
a small brown and white animal sitting on top of dry grass next to some rocks
Sleepy young maned wolf
All sizes | Sleepy young maned wolf | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a drawing of a wolf standing on its hind legs
Commission: Nori by BearlyFeline on DeviantArt
an oil painting of a dog's head and shoulders, looking to the left
Maned Wolf Portrait by Nambroth on DeviantArt
Maned Wolf Portrait by on @deviantART
a close up of a small animal near some trees
Maned Wolf in profile. Nice features with large ears.
a close up of a small animal in the grass
Young maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) with head on the side
a horse is jumping in the air over some tall grass and bushes, while another horse looks on
Você no TG: galeria reúne registros mais visualizados em 2016
lobo-guará (Foto: João Roberto Cortez/ Vc no TG)