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a woman sitting on some steps with her legs crossed and the words beauty has no explanation date
Pia Gronning Portrait, York, Old Models, Ageless, Older Women, Ageless Beauty, Woman, Top Modeling Agencies, Women
Pia Gronning - Iconic Focus - Top Modeling Agency in New York and Los Angeles for 30 to 90+ Year Old Models
Pia Gronning
black and white photograph of a woman smiling with her hand on her hip, wearing a turtle neck sweater
two women in black and white posing for the camera
site officiel
Illustration Fashion Editorial - June 2017 - Ramitown Trench
Since 1971: The SS20 Campaign
As stalwarts of British fashion for almost fifty years, we look back to inform the now for our fresh spring/summer ’20 collection.
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an older woman with white hair and earrings looking at the camera while wearing a gray top
Model Management - Paris
SILVER - Model Management - Paris