"Matte lipgloss. It's easy to apply, looks amazing and dries to this rich velvety matte finish with no smearing or transferring, its beautiful!"

Lime Crime Matte lipgloss, dries to this rich velvety matte finish with no smearing or transferring.

fun twist on the "accent" nail!

Cloud nail art-- this is what is on my nails now except I did white background and pink\blue clouds!

23 Creative Nails Tutorials

23 Creative Nails Tutorials

Glitter nail tips finally perfected. Paint nails, get a sponge and put glitter nail polish on sponge. Once nails are try, dab the sponge onto your nail. Perfected glitter tipped nails.

Vintage Jar Hurricanes - Such a pretty and easy to make display! Perfect for a mantel or on the patio.

Inspiration for wedding décor without flowers - large glass jars with sand and candles - ideal for outdoor lighting on patio or in the garden

10 GREAT quick home decor DIY's #FancyLittleThings.com

this past month we’ve been exploring the topic of “Treasures of Home” so i wanted to wrap up with my top 5 quick DIY home decor projects & then 5 more that i am inspired to ad…


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