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Simple Archery Exercises - for stronger back shoulder muscles and better control of bow arm

One misconception about archery training is you need to do a lot of heavy weight training to reach the next level, and this is simply not true. In fact, heavy weight training can actually hinder yo.

Kyūdō (The Way of Archery) practiced by thousands of people around the world, is a Japanese martial art whose supreme goal is 'the state of shin-zen-bi, roughly "truth-goodness-beauty", which can be approximated as: when archers shoot correctly (i.e. truthfully) with virtuous spirit and attitude toward all persons and all things which relate to kyudo (i.e. with goodness), beautiful shooting is realized naturally.' via wikipedia. Photo by Sgt. Ethan E. Rocke, Wikimedia Commons. #Kyudo

The practice of Japanese Archery, called Kyudo, can be traced back to 2 different origins: ceremonial archery connected to Shinto and combatant archery associated with warfare and hunting.

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