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Taupe linen floral apron - Sainte Claire

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Beautiful Girl Clothes www.piccolielfi.it

Abitini comodi e super chic: Labubé

Una bellissima collezione dal design essenziale e gli splendidi colori!

Headband masks. Ears and snout in one, but leaves eyes and mouth available for expressing. Bears, ugly duckling, white rabbit, big bad wolf, pigs, maybe mice n rats, too

Lion Headpiece Mask On Headband

lion headpiece mask on headband-suitable for adults and children cute large cat jungle animal lion fancy dress mask headpiece golden lion ears and attached nose on a headband, makes an lion noise when you press the nose

Art Threads: Wednesday Sewing: One Yard Apron

Wednesday Sewing: One Yard Apron

I'm not extremely domestic - anyone who comes to my house knows that by the clutter - but I do love to cook and hate to keep getting grease stains out of my shirts. I'm a messy cook! So ... I've been looking for an apron pattern for awhile. Something short, ties in the back but not at the neck, has a big pocket but not so big it flops over, and pretty but not ruffly or lacy. I tried an apron like my Nana wore (she always had one on!), but didn't like the zipper. After looking at countless…

how to make a cute headband cover to slide over those cheap, thin plastic headbands. Printable pattern!

make a headband cover

I don't know about you, but good-fitting headbands are hard for me to find. They often give me earaches and headaches. Also, those elastic...

Dress Like A Grownup!: Day Cravattitude.

Day Cravattitude.

(Part 7 of the series, "The Secret Life of the Tie.") Chapter 85 This week, we continue our walking-tour of the various forms of proper men's neckwear, and take a look at the unique and versatile day cravat. The first thing to learn is, don't call it an ascot. I know, most people do...but they are WRONG, and that error leads to much confusion. The ascot, as we saw last week, refers to a formal cravat worn in the daytime. Logically, you'd think that would be the thing called a "day cravat."…

How To: Peter Pan Collar Tank Top

How To: Peter Pan Collar Tank Top

I saw this peter pan collar tank top (shown below) from UrbanOutfitters and figured I could do something similar with what's already in my...

Crafty Alex: DIY - How to Make and Sew Cravats

DIY - How to Make and Sew Cravats

How to Make Cravats and Pocket Squares.. Above: Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes, Hugh Jackman in Les Miserables, a rather dapper Victorian gentleman and Eddie Redmayne in Les Miserables. All with fabulously tied cravats. We often get asked to make up cravats, pocket squares, ties, bow ties etc. for weddings to match the bridesmaids dresses. Some are very simple, the cravat and pocket square are the easiest and most satisfying to make. Please note, these cravats are not your basic poly…