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How to Speed Read People: Reading Human Body Language To Understand Psychology And Dark Side Of The Persons - How To Analyze Behavioral Emotional Intelligence For The Mind Control (Mind Mastery)
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Wearing the Combat Knife Marines must wear the combat knife where it is easily accessible and where it can best be retained. It is recom- mended the combat knife be worn on the weak side hip, blade down, sharp edge facing forward. Marines can place it behind the magazine pouch where it is easily accessible to them, but not easily grabbed by an opponent. Grip The grip on the knife should be natural. Marines grasp the knife's grip with the fingers wrapped around the grip naturally as it is pulled out of its sheath. This is commonly known as a hammer grip. The blade end of the knife is always facing the opponent. Stance Marines use the basic warrior stance as the foun- dation for knife techniques. The left hand is a ver- tical shield that protects either the ribs or the head and neck. The right elbow is bent with the blade pointing forward toward the op- ponent's head. This position serves as an index point, where all techniques are initiated. "Maintain blade of contact on the opponents body with the blade of the knite Principles of Knife Fighting 'The following are key principles of knife fighting Execute movements with the knife blade within box, shoulder width across fom the neck down to the waistline. 'The oppo- nent as a greater chance of blocking at- tackif the blade is brought in a wide, sweeping movement tothe oppenent Close with the opponent, coming straight 10 the target. 'Move with the knife in straight ines Point the knifes lade ip forward and to 'ward the opponent Apply full body weight and power in each the Knife techniques. Fall body weight 'Should be put int the atack inthe direction the blade's movement (slash or Forward Slash Technique. The forward slash follows the a straight areas of line ina forchand stroke, across diagonal the target slash areas of either the neck (high diagonal slash) Apply constant forward pressure with the body and balanced blade to keep the opponent off balanced slash or abdominal the region forward (low slash, horizontal Marines slash) To execute the forward slash, Marines - Extend the right hand while simultaneously rotat ing the palm up until the knife blade makes con tact with the opponent. 2. Knife Fighting Techniques Slashing Techniques Marines use slashing techniques to close with an enemy. Slashing techniques distract the opponent 'or damage the opponent so Marines can close in Typically, Marines target the opponents limbs, Portion ofthe body tha s presented can 'hecom target Vertical follows Siash Technique. vertical line 'The vertical slash the follows target. a vertical ine execute straight down trough the target. To exectte the ve wrist throwgh the blades comtact with th iash, Marines- 'Thrust the right hand out and bri straight down on the oppor the kaife doin theough the oppo he weapon ining deag i's body, 'Snap or rotate the wrist through the slashing mo- tion to maximize the blade's contact with the op ponent Knife the eft hip with is blade oriented toward the opponent. Drag the knife across the opponents body, from to right, ina backhand stroke. Maintain con tact onthe opponent's body with the blade ofthe Revorse Slash Technique. 'The reverse slash is follow-up technigue toa forward attack. Tows Marines both a secondary attack and the ability to resume the basie watior stance. The re- Thrusting Techniques 'The primary objective of knife fighting to insert the blade into an opponent to cause extensive damage and trauma. This is done techniques with are a thrusting effec- technigue. Thrusting techniques are more effec- tive than slashing techniques beeause of the damn- age they can inflict. However, Marines use Matines Extend the right hand wi ing the palm down until contact withthe opponent. tancously rtat- fe blade makes cexecute the vertical thrust, Marines- Thrast the ka ight hand toward the target, inserting lade straight into the opponent Pall he knife ou of the opponent, itwas inserted. At the same time, rotate body the hips and shoulders downward to bring body weight to bear om the attack. Forward Thrust. 'The forward thst follows straight line straight into the opponent's neck (igh thrust 'execute the or absominal region thrust, (low thrust). To 'execute the forward thrust, Marines 'Thrust the righthand, palm om, toward the ta inserting the knife Dlade straight into the op ponent Reverse Thrust. The reverse thrust is a follow up technigue toa forward attack. Iallows "Matines both a secondary attack andthe ability to resume the basie warior stance, The reverse thrust follows 'opponent's a horizontal (high line straight or into abdominal the re- 'opponent's low neck (high To thrust) or the abdominal reverse re- thus, low thrus), To execute the reverse thus, Maine- end the right arm, crossing the arm to the left side ofthe body Thrust the right hand, palm up, toward the target inserting the knife blade straight into the oppo- Rotate the palm down to twist the blade once the knife is inserted. Bring the knife to the opposite side of the oppo- nent's body from where it was inserted. Knife fighting. A brutal task, but a skill that has proven its worth in combat. - Knife fighting. A brutal task, but a skill that has proven its worth in combat. - iFunny
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Bee anneke
Bee anneke
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How To Read Eyes And Know What Someone Is Thinking
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Psychology Notes, Guide To Manipulation, A Guide To Deduction
Spiritual Awakening What It Is & How You Can Benefit
Spiritual ATTRACTION | Awakening | spirituality for beginners
Spiritual ATTRACTION | Awakening | spirituality for beginners