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the faces of five people with different facial expressions and haircuts, all drawn in one line
an image of two people doing different things in the same drawing style, one is holding his
mellon_soup | pose reference drawings | Patreon
Consider being a patron! I post more poses exclusively there :) credit would be appreciated and please refrain from reposting or selling my artwork - -drawing, art sketches, anatomy, character design, pose reference, halfbody, fullbody, comic, manga, anime, mellon_soup
a drawing of a man with his hands on his head and arms behind his back
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a black and white drawing of a woman with her hand on her shoulder, looking to the side
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a drawing of a woman in tights with her hands behind her back and the words patreon on it
Pose references (public) | mellon_soup
Pose references (public) | Patreon
some sketches of capes that are being used to create costumes for different characters in the film
Cape it Simple
an image of how to draw the human figure in 3 easy steps step by step
a dog jumping up in the air with its front paws on it's back legs
"star dog"
Character Drawing