Apartamento FCstudio Ibirapuera (Foto: Pedro Kok / divulgação)

Apartamento é aberto para o parque

Love this combination wall panelling with Elm and Walnut triangles combined with mirrored triangles.

thierry lemaire architecte / appartement, beyrouth

À Beyrouth, une île en pleine ville

Modern interior design Thierry Lemaire Beyrouth house design room design decorating before and after

écran déco en bois comme séparation de pièce

Séparation de pièce: idées originales comment séparer l'espace

Contemporary Bedroom by Kimberley Seldon Design Group Decorative partitions. For a bit of old-school glamour, patterned wood dividers add a sense of privacy in a master bedroom and bring decorative interest to a large room.

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