Bunny Meidorikawa

Bunny Meidorikawa

Bunny Meidorikawa
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KanColle, Shigure, by Yan Nicknikg

Imagen anime kantai collection shigure destroyer yan (nicknikg) long hair single tall image looking at viewer blue eyes light erotic fringe standing hair between eyes braid (braids) upper body wet beach flat chest sweat single braid off shoulder 527987 es

♡♚♔ fσℓℓσω мє fσя мσяє ριитєяєѕт : @FlorenciaOFC ♚♔♡

Anime picture with blade & soul lyn (blade & soul) tandozzing single tall image blush simple background fringe animal ears silver hair signed ahoge tail hair between eyes pleated skirt animal tail full body grey zettai ryouiki head tilt

anime girl | white hair | red eyes

They said girls couldn't be bad ass oh they were so wrong when the young girl Yuki started killing people off the spot but it was bad people no one knew what she really looked like but one boy.