The Holy Bible

Enduring Comfort, 89 year old hands holding a bible. Looks like my grandmas hands.

Wonderful, Inspiring Minimalist Science Posters - very simple, clever design. The name of Newton, famous scientist with the letter o dropped below the other letters of his name to resemble the idea of gravity.

Mumbai-based artist graphic designer Kapil Bhagat created a series of simple typographical posters that creatively recognize scientists for their various inventions or discoveries.

Think more.  Talk less.

Funny pictures about Wisdom. Oh, and cool pics about Wisdom. Also, Wisdom photos.

Alguns são felizes pelo que carregam no bolso, outros pelo que tem no coração.

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Quem investe na fé, não precisa contar com a sorte.

Quem investe na fé, não precisa contar com a sorte.

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