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Melissa Machado
Melissa Machado
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Não sei na cidade de vocês, mas tem feito um calor insuportável em Brasília. Por isso, nada mais lógico do que dar ideias de looks para ficar chique e estilosa mesmo com a temperatura nas alturas.

Mark Cross’s basket bags have been getting a lot of air time on the street style circuit recently, but for a more affordable approach to the summer look, Zara’s take on the trend is a snip of the price. Team with this season’s must-have seersucker stripes

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zoazig: “Floral Constellations Small experiment with flowers and sun signs. A few hours each, sharpie on paper. Available here on my RedBubble Aries-Sweet Pea, Taurus-Hawthorn, Gemini-Honeysuckle,.

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Flower Drawings for your home Bringing nature indoors has always been a foundation for home decorating, and more than ever before, it has been gaining popu