O abraço que mudou a minha vida...                                                                                                                                                      Mais

O amor está nas pequenas coisas... consegues ver-te nestas imagens?

Love is in Small Things: Artist “Puuung” captures those little moments that make love whole in these heartwarming illustrations. Ah, o Amor, sempre o Amor.

By Cyril Rolando

culturenlifestyle: “Exquisitely Enigmatic Surreal Digital Illustrations by Cyril Rolando French digital artist Cyril Rolando (previously featured here) is known for his surreal otherworld.


O amor está nas pequenas coisas...

Ces superbes illustrations nous rappellent que lamour est dans les petites…


Gorgeous illustrations that show what love actually looks like

This artist has perfectly captured the quirky adorableness of life-long love

This artist has perfectly captured the quirky adorableness of life-long love

There’s not much sexy about dealing with someone else’s emotional breakdown, or sharing your money to buy groceries. But the reality is, life-long love includes daily life.

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더운 밤 (Hot Summer Night) by 퍼엉 on

Let's go outside and play with fireworks. Glittering sparklers are so pretty. I wonder which one will go out first? I wish all of them would last forever. I wish this moment in time would last forever.

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뽀뽀(Kiss) by 퍼엉 on

Love Is In The Small Things: New Illustrations By Korean Artist Puuung

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South Korean artist Puuung is trying to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make them into beautiful works of art.


Let’s be together, at least for all of this life - Korean artist Puuung

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