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This is for you Gomez-Cortazar Coburn Carsey Edward from Twilight, I'm a vampire I sparkle under the sun, I'm a Malfoy I sparkle ALL the time,"J. Rowling’s Version Of "Harry Potter" Draco Malfoy is actor Tom Felton,

57 Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Harry Potter. the one about mcgonagall, omg

57 Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Harry Potter And Draco's eyes. that's why I love him so much. His personality and his eyes.

hahaha this is how i always picture fanfiction draco !

Draco, you little naughty boy, you did it again! Is always the same with you, just to piss off Hermione Hope you like it! and thanks all comments Other Draco-Hermione moment

Draco & Hermione - Dramione

I am definitely not a Dramione shipper, but it would have been a kind of cool dynamic, because Malfoy would have totally had to change and redeem himself. - Some other person who isn't me because Dramione is my Otp