I didn't even read it but it sounds super good

❀ lockscreens kpop ❀

Definition of perfection

They fkin cut out Jin. Who dared have the audacity to cut out such a beautiful human being?

Parabéns Sugaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Ownnnn meu açúquinha ta

Yoongi so precious

Don't want to repost w/o credit So credits to Renkarts and this is absolutely beautiful

"Team work makes the dream work"

v kim taehyung wings album

Jimin:"Let them see ur abs" *lift up V's clothes*No abs.haizz V:"haizz,jinjia."*jimin and v laughs*

Jimin é poste viveram uma história de amor

Imagine Jimin - BTS

Tau ước tau là cái cột ấy T^T

Gente, o bts* fariam um bom filho

La legendaria bangtan fusion/the legendary bangtan fusion

Do we have no chance? Of happiness? Must we always be condemned to the realms of dark and light, death and life? Is there a way for us to make things right?

ya like tht

°•°Fotos de tela para celular°•°(FECHADO)

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Someone make this hair happen