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Secret Santa

Does your staff need a little boost in the culture department? Do you forget the true meaning of the holidays in the hustle and bustle of things at your school? You need to participate in a Secret Santa Gift Giving activity!!! We do this every year in our building and it is so much fun! Each day you act as Santa to your recipient and give him/her a small $1-$2 gift for four days. You have to get creative on how you deliver the small gifts so he/she doesn't figure out who you are! On the…

The Almost Perfectionist: Teacher Questionnaire. Love this Idea!!!

Teacher Questionnaire

*This was originally posted last year. I just updated it to include a link to the free printable Teacher Questionnaire (colored version) at the bottom. Enjoy! Today we have Meet the Teacher with Nolan's first grade teacher. This will give us an opportunity to find Nolan's new classroom, learn a little about his teacher, and formulate expectations for how this school year will go. I also want to give his teacher a questionnaire to find out all of her favorites. That way I will have a better…

Getting to Know your child's Teacher (free printable)

Getting to Know Your Teacher (free printable)

I know in some parts of the country, school already started a few weeks ago. Around here school starts today or tomorrow. I thought I would give you grade school moms out there a little back to school gift, to start the year off right. It's a "get to know your teacher" free printable! I made these for my girls two years ago and have figured out how to make it into a pdf so you can print too! I have my girls take this to school on the first day and give to the teacher. The teacher (when they…