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Saturn Aurora as seen from Hubble

Have you ever seen the Southern or Northern Lights? Earth isn't the only planet that puts on these beautiful light shows, which are also called the "aurora". Aurora have been seen at both poles of Saturn, too, as well as at the poles of Jupiter.

A creative ad replacing the shark teeth with human teeth, Colgate are suggesting…

creative advertising Maybe not nailed it. But this is definitely good. It's funny and the message is obvious. Although if too much time is spent on it, it starts to feel like Colgate is saying they can practically rebuild whole entire teeth.

BOLD N BRASH Squidward Painting ORIGINAL by tattoopop on Etsy

This is fanart (but a replica) of Squidward Tentacle's "Bold and Brash" Painting as seen in the episode "Artist Unknown" of Spongebob Squarepants.

German Anti-Tank Rifle WW1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A very large bore rifle firing long cartridges hopefully powerful enough to penetrate British Tanks. New Zealand soldiers in a German dug out with a captured German anti-tank rifle, near Grévillers, 25 August