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a wooden table topped with lots of plants and rocks
Por que é tão importante o ambiente em Reggio Emilia? - Educlub
Mud Kitchen Pizza Making and Basic Fractions
three wooden trays filled with rocks and grass on top of a wood table next to numbers
a basket with pencils and paper on top of a table next to a wooden block
Literacy Through Play and Projects
the table is set up with many items for arts and crafts to be used on
Menorah making provocation set up for Chanukah
several different types of thread and spools on a shelf in a craft room
Do not under estimate the power of loose parts! They will ignite the curiosity and wonder of the child!
a table with many items on it in a room
1st graders should have access to an atelier right?! ❤️⠀ Love the intentionality of providing materials at their fingertips displayed in such an inviting way! #reggioinspired #fairydustteaching
a wooden tray with letters and magnets on it
An amazing invitation to create words!
a table topped with lots of different types of dices and trays filled with them
Gallery-click photo to see whole album: IMG_2630
Mathematical Provocations-click photo to see album: IMG_2630
an assortment of rocks and plants in trays on a table
Bing Nursery School
Individual sand trays and beautiful natural materials at Bing Nursery School
a board game with rocks and stones on the table next to some baskets filled with toys
Our treasure map coding provocation. . . #kindergarten #coding #introtocoding #playbasedlearning #ealryyears #fdk #treasuremap #pirates…
a sign that says how many ways can you make 7? next to some buttons
Reggio-inspired mathematics: number kit
Reggio-inspired mathematics: number kit - Mathematics and Science in SD#38 (Richmond)
there are pictures of rocks and paper on the table with text overlay that says mega - inspired preschool math
reggio inspired preschool math - Wildflower Ramblings
reggio inspired preschool math - wildflower ramblings #play