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an electrical device is plugged in to a brick wall with gravel and grass around it
Kabel-Schlauch-Kanal - Christoph Betonwaren
four tall vases with plants in them are sitting on the ground next to each other
41 DIY Rusty Garden Junk Ideas
41 DIY Rusty Garden Junk Ideas
two statues of angels are on top of the gates to a building with plants growing out of them
Bisbee, Arizona
a garden area with grass and rocks in the middle, surrounded by a fence made out of stones
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How to Re-Pot a Plant!🌱🪴
Potted plant hack! #gardening #gardentip #pottedplant credit@tannertheplanter-ThankYou!
Lettuce Gardening Tip!🥬
Lettuce Tip — Don’t ever pull it from the root #gardening #garden #gardeninghacks credit@themodernnonna-ThankYou
Garden Idea 🌱🌿😎
Super Gardening Idea 🌿🌱🥬#vegetablegarden #amazing #agriculture-ThankYou@farmerya
Just peel off a slice, and grow! 🍓🤩
This is a super good life hack for growing strawberries!🍓🤩 Just peel off a slice, and grow! 🍓🤩 Try it yourself!🤩 Video credits to: @creative_explained
Do you know how to prune basil?
Pruning your basil plant promotes bushier growth, prevents legginess, and increases overall productivity. By trimming back stems regularly, you stimulate branching, leading to more leaves for harvesting. Pruning also helps maintain plant shape, improves air circulation, and reduces the risk of diseases. Enjoy a thriving basil plant with regular pruning! 🌿✂️ Check our link to learn more! Video by: rootop2table w/ Derek Vincent
OK, whose growing with me??? Let’s grow some ginger.
I’m not sure I️ thought I️ could grow ginger. I️ thought you just bought ginger from a store. Lol. I️ joke. • Grow ginger, it’s so helpful and so easy. • Give it away when you grow to much. Organic ginger is so beneficial to your body. • A good gut cleanser and detox. Drink in a tea and feel the difference. • Of course, @creative_explained provided this awesome video • Rooted leaf Agritech is the awesome products that helps grow plants to their max potential, flavor, benefits and taste. • www.Rootedleaf.com • NYCG20 for 20% off entire order
some green beans are growing in pots on the ground and next to them is an image of
Weave of branches
decorator Natalia Shalnova
there are many potted plants in the planter and one has green leaves on it