Succulents! Been crushing on those porcelain ones on etsy for over a year.

Mamãe eu quero!! Mini suculentas

Suculentas plantadas em xícaras.

Use antique teacups and succulents to make these fun planters. 10 ways to upcycle vintage tea cups

Ideias do que podemos fazer com as garrafas de vidro.

Garrafas de Vidro Reciclagem

Can you really cut glass using this method? A no-fuss recycled windowsill herb garden - self-watering. You had me at "self-watering!

Tenha uma mini horta de temperos na cozinha!

Open shelving in the kitchen. Use Cocktail Glasses and Mugs for A Stylish Way to Grow Your Herbs - 13 Peaceful DIY Indoor Garden Ideas That Brings The Outdoors In


5 plantas que purificam o ar

Air Purifying Plants – According to NASA In order to improve the poor air quality of the space we work and live in, based on the research conducted by NASA, it is recommended to keep indoor plants.