Un SuperHumano Y Un Caballero de la Noche

Batman or Superman? Who cares, if they sported beards like that it would be a draw

Bearded Batman Vanja Mrgan pic on Design You Trust

Vanja Mrgan is a Croatian illustrator with a dream, a dream of imagining what normally beardless superheroes would look like with some manly facial hair. Although they aren't actually all superheroes, some are jerks like Boba Fett.

'Superman's Beard' by Steve Treadwell #beards

What if. Superman’s Beard by Steve Treadwell. It is an apt portrait of how I view myself.

Hipster Superman

Illustration of Superman inspired by model Ricki Hall for El Mundo newspaper Spain

Thor by Mike Mitchell

Marvel Illustrations by Mike Mitchell

Marvel Portraits Texan artist Mike Mitchell recently collaborated with Mondo Gallery to create a comics-themed show featuring portraits of Marvel’s heroes and villains.

Batman's grey beard has to be seen to be believed...

DC's Greatest Heroes Get Old in Awesome New Fan Art

Old Superheroes: Artist Shows How Superheroes Will Look When They Retire ~ Idees And Solutions


Eddie Liu, an artist based in Shanghai, is the creator of a pretty cool series that imagines what a few of our favourite superheroes might look like when they

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