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Michel Epelbaum

Michel Epelbaum
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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the #SocialMedia that fulfill them.

Abraham Maslows hierarchy of needs is an important psychological theory that addresses the stages of growth in humans. This infographic takes Maslows theory and looks at the social media tools that fulfill these needs.


Essas próxima dica é para aqueles momentos que a gente tá parada, sem fazer nada, ou mesmo quando damos aquela paradinha rápida na correria

Cura pela Natureza.com.br: Alivie estresse e dor de cabeça em 30 segundos estimulando pontos do seu corpo

Relieve Your Headache and Stress With Acupressure in 30 Seconds Squeeze the fleshy place between your index finger and your thumb, known as the Hoku spot in


I chose this because it's a good chart that shows Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs. It's a fun chart that classifies verbs related to technology by their basic function.