The project poster "Travel letters" in various cities by Alexandr Aubakirov (via…

Drawing letters

Drawing letters is more fun than typing letters / by Jay Roeder

advertising set | LEGiT Don't Conform Campaign on SCAD Portfolios - Dani Loureiro

LEGiT Don't Conform Campaign on SCAD Portfolios - Dani Loureiro lively continuance

anúncio rio 2016 - Pesquisa Google

Use for flyer when launching Island Scarves

Colouring a gray day with art

film poster / 꿈보다 해몽 A Matter of Interpretation.

Graphics Pages 3 - Illustrations and art direction on Behance

Marah Shulda: LAYOUT- I chose this one because I like how to story forms a picture that correlates.

Não Intendo

This Russian Photoshop Master’s Skills Will Blow Your Mind

- Charlie Brown Jr

- Charlie Brown Jr / 2015 Mnet No.Mercy / Motion Graphics Design / Broadcast Design / Graphic Surgeon

Art Director and Motion Graphics Designer based in Seoul. Graphic Surgeon specializes in Motion Graphics and Music Video for KPOP broadcast.

Confira este projeto do @Behance: \u201cSocial Media - Flex Fitness Center\u201d

Social Media - Flex Fitness Center on Behance

‘rodrigo_sganzerla&rafael_quintal’ by Rodrigo Sganzerla | Readymag

nikes shoes dust bag New with tag * drawstring nikes Bags

Social Media - Academia Top Fitness on Behance

Social Media - Academia Top Fitness on Behance - Tap the link to shop on our official online store! You can also join our affiliate and/or rewards programs for FREE!

Coexistence, Yossi Lemel, 2000

Coexistence, Yossi Lemel, 2000 Cool graphic/idea for racial tension/current event motivated piece

Dance Poster on Behance

Contrast: Obvious and strong use of contrast in type. The title is larger than the rest of text as well as being hand drawn and placed at an angle. Those three characteristics create a dramatic contrast that focuses attention on the title.


Buenas Ondas by Atelier Design , via Behance