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Como assim a Branca de Neve é uma guerreira? Chapeuzinho vermelho e o Lobo que ela temia… são a mesma pessoa?  E o Peter Pan que tem um filho mais velho que ele?  EI, STOP QUERIDINHA, se não …

fan art images for regina from once upon a time

snape why not well shurgs i dont know reaction harry potter

No idea really where to put this, about what it's like to be a teacher. But I'm pinning just for this picture of Snape. << Pinning this because I'm a grad assistant, and this does apply to me as well. Plus bonus sassy Alan Rickman gif.

De mocinhos a vilões

Once Upon A Time villains: "We are all products of our environment"


🎼Going to kill Harry, Harry, Harry Potter. Going to kill Harry Harry Harry Potter.

Alan Rickman and Ralph Fiennes- funniest thing I have ever seen  Voldy please.

Alan Rickman and Ralph Fiennes- funniest thing I have ever seen. Lord have mercy

(3) Tumblr

10 Best Severus Snape Quotes: Can You Match These To The Movie?

Alan Rickman

Addictive as Snape

7 gorgeous animated GIF covers for Harry Potter books (pictures)

Deathly Hallows - 7 "Harry Potter" Book Covers Reimagined As GIFs

Hogwarts map

This map was drawn before JKR’s sketch map was published, so some elements are incorrectly placed. However, it is a beautiful map which contains many details not found on other maps. It was created by Charles J. Mize with his niece.

Secret Passageways Infographic

Secret passageways and hiding places in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Pottermore