Pantry Closet Organization

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the pantry is stocked with all kinds of food
A walk in pantry makeover from builder grade to organized functionality.
farmhouse pantry makeover with wood shelves and white paint
Farmhouse Pantry Makeover
Super cute DIY Farmhouse Pantry Makeover via
an open door with white trim and decorative molding on the outside part of it
A Foyer "Before" and "After"
Detail of Restoration Hardware's St. James Cabinet
the shelves are filled with folded towels and other items in bins on top of them
Make the most of your bins by hot-gluing clothespins to them.
Make the most of your bins by hot-gluing clothespins to them.
an organized pantry with white shelving and lots of food
Time to Vote for Your Favorite Space!
Decorative #Organization #HouseofSmiths
a child's book shelf in the corner of a room with pink drawers and bins
Behind Closet Door Storage
Ana White | Build a Behind Closet Door Storage | Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans
an organized pantry filled with lots of items
Account Suspended
Love the wooden boxes with handles
the pantry is stocked with food and snacks
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rustic buckets mounted
an image of a pantry with chalkboard on it
POYEL: Decluttering the Kitchen - Modern Parents Messy Kids
There’s definitely some stylized craziness going on here (why yes, I do color code my cereal boxes – don’t you?) but there are also a few very clever features. Most obvious is the use of chalkboard paint to convert the inside of the cabinets into a place for menus and grocery lists.
there are many items in the closet and it's not too far from the door | The official home for all things Disney
painted striped cleaning closet ~ sure...a cleaning closet, but it would surely be easier to open this closet than one that is simply a "cleaning closet"!
an image of a coffee table with the text anawhite free beginner diy project plans
Woodworking Projects and DIY Furniture Plans
Ana White behind door shelves on wheels.