Anos atrás, o vinho era tido como algo sofisticado e cerveja era coisa de botequeiro. Mas isso mudou: cervejeiros e enófilos discutem hoje em pé de igualdade. Veja aqui mais munição para as duas turmas e conte para a gente qual das duas é a sua bebida preferida

Disputa: vinho vs cerveja

Brandy and Wine. Check Out These Wonder Tips About Wine In The Article Below. The right glass of wine can help you relax or enhance the taste of your favorite meal. No matter your preferences, having an understanding of wine can make

Struggling with describing wine? This wine aroma chart gives you an easy guide to all of the scents you may be picking up in your favourite glass of red or white!


Guia ilustrado: Harmonização de vinhos para não fazer feio

Brandy and Wine. Picking The Right Wine For Any Situation. Serving the correct wine can set the mood while being the highlight of any occasion.

The Colors of Wine - Sparkles and Pretending

Brandy and Wine. Helping You Select That Perfect Bottle Of Wine. The wine tasting hobby has shown growth in the past few years. No longer relegated to the rich or the snobbish, wine is a fascinating drink and a wonderful

A Begginer's Guide to Wine

A Beginner`s Guide to Infographic incl. Wine Glass typres and an interesting index of wine coloring. Beginner, yes I'm a beginner.