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the avengers movie is being shown in three different frames, one with an image of thanos
RPG, manga , quadrinhos , cultura em geral
some text messages are being displayed in different languages and colors, with the same language on them
Quando não tem como perdoar a vacilona
a mickey mouse shower head is spouting water
two men sitting next to each other in front of a white board with writing on it
MijarDeRirTV - Imagens Engraçadas
two screenshots of someone's hand writing on their cell phone, with the caption in spanish
Kibeloco - A verdade é ácida e o kibe é cru
two texts are shown with different emoticions in the same language, and one has an emoticive expression
Harry Potter instagram 2
the words are in spanish and english, with smiley faces on each side of the page
Piadas Engraçadas para Whatsapp, Joãozinho, Bebados, Corno, Curtas
two texts that have been written in spanish and english, with the same text on them
Piadas engraçadas
the words are written in spanish and english
Cachorrinho com nome diferente...
a man is smiling for the camera with words in spanish and english above his head
35 Memes para você usar no WhatsApp em diversas situações
an orange cat sitting on top of a floor next to a wooden floor with words written in spanish
58 Situações Engraçadas Envolvendo Bichos da Internet