Gotthardt Kuehl, Lovers in a Cafe

Lovers in a Café (Amoureux au café) by Gotthardt Johann Kuehl Germany, 1850 - 1915

B9 chair in juniper green lacquer  //  ELLE // Emma Persson Lagerberg // Petra Bindel

Pale green kitchen cabinets and open shelving, carrera marble counter and backsplash, white painted flooring. Home of prop stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg from Swedish Elle Interior. Photographed by Petra Bindel.

Madame Alexis Rouart and Her Children - Edgar Degas -

The Athenaeum - Madame Alexis Rouart and Her Children (Edgar Degas - )

as a bedside table

How To Create A Modern, Vintage Bedroom

Thonet chair as a bedside table. Dumpster diving and inorganic week rummaging to…

No.20 in colours

This all-white kitchen has been given a whimsical touch with lots of colour and character with brightly painted Bentwood bistro chairs and the mish-mash of colourful prints and patterns on the windowseat. I love the window seat and the colorful chairs!

Chocolat Dancing In Bar Darchille - Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec -

Hand painted reproduction of the painting Chocolat Dancing In Bar Darchille by Henri Toulouse Lautrec. Commission your beautiful hand painted reproduction of Chocolat Dancing In Bar Darchille.