Adventure Time

Frank the Human Boy

Adventure Time with Frank and Jake or something close to that. All I know is, the Approximate Knowledge thing is my new motto.

adventure time

Adventure time, come on grab your friends, we'll go to very distant lands.with Jake the dog, and Finn the human.the fun will never end. it's ADVENTURE TIME!


I think this is a really cool picture.

Gunter!!!! XD

One of my fave moments. I did a quiz to see which Adventure Time character I was, and got Gunter LMAO The best part is that Gunter we later found out is the most evil being in the universe


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Adventure Time

ncrossanimation: “ This year Cartoon Network asked me to help put together their holiday card. I added snow to a photo of the Adventure Time treehouse from the upcoming stop-motion episode directed by Kirsten Lepore. ” holiday card design by Over the.

adventure time.

Hours of entertainment you say?