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a white tent sitting on top of a lush green field
Pavilions, shelter, outdoor
Pavilions, shelter, outdoor
the table is set with white linens and place settings
The Dior Cafe, St Tropez
an outdoor patio with black and white striped awnings, green pillows and chairs
17 Outdoor Living Spaces to Inspire Patio, Deck, or Yard Updates
Resort Inspired
the kitchen is decorated in white and has lots of shelves with plants on top of them
Tour a Sea Island, Georgia, Beach Retreat That Features the Perfect Shade of Green
an open door in front of a window with bars on the glass and wood flooring
NYC Townhouse Renovation - Chelsea - Lang Architecture
Chelsea Townhouse – Lang
Interiors | Instagram, Interiors, Porches, Dining, Dining Area, House Rooms, Front Rooms
Interiors |
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs, plants on the wall and hanging lanterns
a living room filled with furniture and lots of plants
Sun room garden room
a black and white checkered floor in a house with potted plants on either side
an outdoor fireplace is surrounded by greenery and potted plants in front of it