***Den store SKAM-quizen*** I got 20 out of 20 right!

The wonderful Norwegian series Skam. Written and directed by Julie Andem. Seen from left to right: Chris - Ina Svenningdal, Vilde - Ulrikke Falch, Eva - Lisa Teige, Noora - Josefine Frida Pettersen and Sana - Iman Meskini.

sheddingpastel ☾

((Allison and Chris)) I had wanted her to meet my girlfriend Ellis maybe those would get along. Allison doesn't get out much and she needs friends a hopefully this would help. I open the door for ellie*


“ The SKAM team leaving messages to the fans at the end of the seasons “Season 2 / Season 3 ” ”

Opskrift: SKAM-kagen | Frk. Kræsen | Bloglovin’

Opskrift: SKAM-kagen (Frk. Kræsen)