* * " De meek mights inherit de earf, but ats de moment; itz belongs to de…

one blue eye and one green eye. Our cat Puck looks just like this. Usually, white cats with different colored eyes are deaf.

sweet kitty with pink flower

Darling grey kitten playing w/pink flower. Looks like Lucky when he was a baby!

O 52 semanas homenageia artista com frases ditas por ele ao longo da vida

Aplique os ensinamentos de Charles Chaplin no seu dia a dia

cat ♥

* * Me willz search de nite skys fer mouse constellations later. Drawz up maps, den sellz dem to increase catnip allowance.

Passeando pelos blogs, achei esse infográfico super bacana que o pessoal do "O verso do inverso" publicou no último dia 26. Espero que gostem!

Curiosidades felinas

This fun, amusing infographic visually illustrates the basics about cat anatomy and other fascinating facts about cats and is a great start for understanding pet cat care and behavior.

#gatos #gêmeos #fofos #olhos #heterocromáticos

Conheça Os Gatos Gêmeos Mais Bonitos Do Mundo

Meet Iriss and Abyss – the most beautiful twin cats in the world! These inseparable cats both have heterochromatic eyes. Having heterochromatic eyes means that

And a House is Not a Home Without KITTIES! - Cheezburger

And a House is Not a Home Without KITTIES!

Inspiring quotes about life : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description And a House is Not a Home Without KITTIES! Sharing is Power – Don’t forget to share this quote !

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