Zentangle Sunflower - could have the kids fill in a template with their own patterns, then cut the flowers in and mix up with other students.

Deshilachado: Tutorial: collar de pompones / Tutorial: pom pon necklace

The FRANKIE Necklace Color Study No. with Felted Wool Pom Poms, Cotton, Leather, and Brass(i can see this as a concept for other designs too using bamboo cord and beads!

Beads bonito Noble Alta Qualidade Natural Azul Turquesa  cobre Tassel malha Jóias padrão turco lindo pulseira especial em Pulseira com ping...

This is such a beautiful bracelet The shape of the copper bead is amazing These beads are turquoise stone The largest turquoise beads is mm The bracelet is cm long


how-to: woven circles trivet - CROCHET - I found the gold and pink crocheted trivet pictured below at the thrift store this weekend, and it was a total "I can make that" moment.

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