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two pictures of the inside and outside of a hobbot with sheep in it
Hobbit Houses: 15 Grassy Hill-Shaped Dwellings
an aerial view of a house in the middle of some trees and bushes, with several round shaped houses on top of it
Luxury Dome Villa Eclipse
the inside and outside of an igloose with mountains in the background
Geodesic Domes can be Used as Guest Rooms, Family Lounges, Office Areas, Etc
an artist's rendering of a futuristic building with several domes on the roof and trees around it
Eco-Villages: Making a New World Now
an aerial view of the inside and outside of a large white dome house in the woods
Providing a Large Number of Accommodation Spaces, the Architectural Style is Also Enriched
an aerial view of several domes on top of a hill
Geodesic dome tent attracts many visitors to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
an artist's rendering of several white domes in the middle of a wooded area
Zappos Partnering on a Geodesic Dome Village in Las Vegas