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BRILLIANT. This is the best cloud teaching tool I've seen yet. Makes it as fun and easy as it should be :) .

Nature Crafts and Activities for Kids You Will Want To Do RIGHT Now - Inner Child Fun

Nature crafts and activities are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with kids, promote sustainability, and encourage little ones to conserve. Added bonus — many times nature provides us with free art materials! Here are some of our favorite simple, beautiful projects from FFFB and around the web that will make you want to …

This collection of YouTube Weather Videos for Kids are a perfect addition to a weather unit!

Weather Videos for Kids

This post contains affiliate links to products I recommend. Read my full disclosure statement. We're smack dab in the middle of a weather unit and I wanted to share with you the weather videos for kids I've put together. I'm a huge fan of incorporating videos into whatever unit we're studying. Sometimes I use them

Making convection currents - hands on weather science for kids

Making Convection Currents

Observing Convection - Weather for Kids I've had a to do list of weather experiments for kids on my computer for quite some ti...

10 weather experiments for kids, all are hands-on, easy to do science activities you can do at home or classroom. For example: create rainbow, make cloud, create thunderstorms

10 Hands-On Weather Science Experiments for Kids

9 fun hands-on weather science experiments for kids, all are simple experiments that can be done with materials you already have at home.

Weather Interactive Notebook Foldables Galore!

Weather Interactive Notebook Foldables Galore!

Have I mentioned how much I am LOVING interactive notebooks this year!? Especially our science notebook! Last year was all about my Social Studies notebook and this year is all about science and I have to say that it has gone better than I anticipated. Sometimes I use foldables and interactive notebooks from other sellers and sometimes we just create greatness in our notebooks ourselves. Today I am sharing one of my favorites! My BBB Jivey, from Ideas by Jivey, has an amazing Weather…

Activities: Make a Wind Vane

How to Make a Wind Vane | Activity | Education.com

Help your child measure breezy weather in her environment by making a wind vane for kids, a simple version of the classic scientific measurement tool.

This activity will help students be able to identify why the Climate in Texas is the way it is. It shows where the other climates are on the world and would be a great tool to compare climates. SM

Color A Map of Climate Zones - Layers of Learning

Climate refers to all the factors that make up the weather of a particular place on earth. It includes rainfall, temperature, wind, storms, and seasonal changes. Get a free printable climate zones map to help you learn about climat.

Why is the sky blue? This and more 5 Minute Science Experiments for Kids and more home-school science lessons and ideas on Frugal Coupon Lviing.

5 Minute Science Experiments for Kids

Why is the sky blue? This and more 5 Minute Science Experiments for Kids and more home-school science lessons and ideas on Frugal Coupon Lviing.

Beyond the Goggles - Earth's Atmosphere foldable. Great post on using foldables in science!

Foldables in Science

I absolutely LOVE teaching with foldables. I was introduced to them about 5 years ago when I was classroom neighbors with a former elementary teacher. Once she showed me a foldable and I saw how great it was, I took the idea and ran with it. Now I use them in almost every chapter! If you've never used foldables, or don't use them very often, here are some reasons why I frequently use this teaching strategy with my students: 1 - Foldables are great for both my visual and my kinesthetic…

One Day at a Time...: Mounds and Balloon Science

Mounds and Balloon Science

A blog about homeschooling little ones with a Unit Style Approach.

Weather and Climate Foldable by Science Doodles

Science Notes - Weather and Climate Science Doodle Foldable

This is a great way to introduce weather and climate and the differences between the two. It fits into an interactive notebook and file includes a KEY in color. Have the students guess which word to fill in as they follow along with the group. They love to color and decorate it as they learn about w...

Weather Interactive Science Notebook - Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

Weather Interactive Science Notebook - Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

One of the most exciting ways to engage students is to make learning relevant! Teaching the weather standards in January is the perfect way to cover all the key concepts while the weather outside provides the perfect performance! …unless you live in the south like me! HA!!! As a child, I can’t even tell you […]

Make Lightning!!

Superhero Lightning Bolt | Activity | Education.com

Help your kid feel like a superhero with this safe and fun science experiment that creates an electrical charge that's like a mini lightning bolt!