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Blending phonemes & syllables in Spanish (Dual language classroom)

Explorar las expectativas: Blending phonemes & syllables

Forget political parties or topics of religion. If you really want to start a heated discussion at a gathering of bilingual teachers, bring up the topic of blending syllables versus phonemes in Spanish! I won't even pretend to be able to address this topic comprehensively on my humble little blog but, based on what I have learned over the years from experts on biliteracy, here are some thoughts on teaching the expectations listed below: Beginning Reading Skills/Phonological Awareness…

Life cycle of a plant Fold & Learn  English & Spanish

Life cycle of a plant Fold & Learn

This is a science lapbook that can be used in different grades. This craft has been adapted for two levels (one with some writing). It includes the cycle from the seed to the whole plant. I have also included the Spanish version: Ciclo vital de la planta. Related products: >Parts of a plant &g...

I Teach Dual Language: De nada, empanada: Spanish Rhyming Phrases

De nada, empanada: Spanish Rhyming Phrases

Making rhymes and playing with words is one of the most reliable indicators that children are getting control of language. They are becomin...

Bilingual Teacher Clubhouse: Spanish Expectation Posters

Spanish Expectation Posters

Just wanted to share my latest "first week of school" creation with all of you. I created these posters to serve as a reminder of the expectations in the hallway, cafeteria, bathroom, and at recess. Click on the image to take you to my post about how I use these in my classroom and to snag your own copy for free.

anchor charts and bulletin boards for the bilingual classroom.

Building Biliteracy in a First Grade Bilingual Classroom

Yesterday I visited a first grade transitional bilingual education program and I was really impressed with the high level of biliteracy development that was occurring in the classroom! The room env...

Bilingual Capitalization chart

Tales of a 4th Grade Dual Language Diva

A blog about teaching 4th grade reading and writing in a dual language classroom.

Water cycle fold and learn English-Spanish

Water cycle fold and learn

This is a science fold and learn activity that can be used in different grades. Your students will be able to complete this watercycle wheel: precipitation, collection, evaporation and condensation. This craft has been adapted for two levels (one with some writing). You can also use the tabs to writ...

Classroom center signs in English and Spanish, perfect for dual language or bilingual classrooms. $

Dual Language Bilingual Centers * polka dot *

Classroom center signs in English and Spanish, perfect for dual language or bilingual classrooms. $

The Second Grade Superkids: Writer's Workshop in a Dual Language Classroom

Writer's Workshop

One of my (and I think my student's too) favorite parts of the each day is Writer's Workshop. This is a time in which the kids truly take charge of their own learning and can express their creativity. Each day for Writer's Workshop we follow the same general routine. I have a very limited time (as I am sure you all understand) to squeeze it all in- but here is a general idea of how it looks in my class room: (10 minutes) Mini-Lesson (20 minutes) Writing and one-on-one or small group…

5 Bilingual Books for Children's Poetry Day

5 Bilingual Books for Children’s Poetry Day

With few exceptions, I’ve never been a huge poetry fan — mostly because I wasn’t really exposed to poems growing up, other than the obligatory ones for school. But I love the beauty, repetition and rhythm in children’s poetry and how great they can be to explain certain concepts in simple terms. To celebrate Children’s [...]

Transition Words

Transition Words

So this week we focused on how to use transition words effectively to organize our writing. To start off the week, we looked at a piece of writing, and I asked the students to share any words in the piece that they thought helped to organize it and put it in order. On Tuesday we created this transition words pencils. The purple is in Spanish and the green in English. They each have two sides- one (pictured on the Spanish pencil) provides the students with different words they can use at the…