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blurry photograph of people crossing the street
Through the Lens: Aleksandr Babarikin Documents Life Experiences Through Abstraction
a washer and dryer sitting next to each other in a room
there are many cassettes stacked on top of each other in the same row, all different colors and sizes
some white flowers and green leaves on the ground in front of a wall with brown spots
small white flowers in a clover patch banner
there are many books stacked on top of each other
two yellow frogs sitting next to each other in front of some flowers and green leaves
some white and yellow flowers are in the grass
an ocean view with waves crashing on the shore and grass growing in the foreground
a herd of sheep grazing on a lush green hillside
a painting of a woman laying in the grass with her head down and hair flowing from her body
a green and yellow train traveling down tracks next to a lush green hillside